Offerings include:

* Sacred women's circles
    With over ten years of experience, I offer ongoing circles with various transitional themes, using creative art and expression, 
​    guided meditation, drum journeys, journaling, reflection, ceremony and ritual. New circles begin annually.
    If you are interested in joining, please let me know.

* Women's Circle Facilitation Training
    It is time for the circles to expand! I now offer training in how to create, organize and market ongoing circles for personal and          spiritual growth and women's empowerment. It is open to any woman... healer, group leader, therapist, coach, community     activist, minister, and anyone with an open heart. Watch for updates on the  next training date!

* Author of The Wisdom of Circles: Gathering Women for Conscious Community

* A variety of workshops and teachings focus on sacred tools and practices of many spiritual beliefs 
    ​and systems, connecting with nature, sacred ceremonies, creative expression, purposeful living. 

* Private counseling sessions focusing on experiential work that integrates the body with mind and spirit. 
  By appointment: Monday - Friday in my Gurnee home office. Some Saturdays available. Fee is $80/hour for any service.

 * Trained in a variety of healing arts: a private session could include shamanic healing techniques, Reiki or other energy            modalities, sound healing with the use of drum, rattles, singing bowls, and tuning forks, clearing and balancing          
     chakras, shamanic journeys, power animal retrievals, soul retrievals, and creative soul expression through art.

* Teachings and practiceof the natural way:
​        - Ceremonies honoring the Seasonal Changes and Life Transitions
​        - Indigenous or shamanic healing practices
​        - Medicine Wheel Readings - will help you understand present situations, influence changes in your life 
           and deepen your connections to earth and its gifts
​        - Home blessings and clearings

* Retreats and gatherings for spiritual growth, transformation and empowerment on your journey. 
        Custom-designed retreats to fit your needs are available for groups and individuals. 

* Ordained Interfaith-Interspiritual Minister available for weddings and all rites of passage. 
        See additional information listed on Ceremonies page.


"Some people who engage in spiritual practices believe they will be protected from the challenges of life. But life brings us situations to help us grow and evolve. Spiritual practices give us the tools to deal 
with what life brings for us.”
                                                                                            Sandra Ingerman