Christine Moses MS

My studies include the following:

* Master of Science in Holistic Ministries, focusing on mind/body/spirit  healing modalities and spiritual counseling.

* Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healer, Certified in Tuning      Fork Therapy, Master Reiki Practitioner. Experienced in other energy    work modalities, including Kinesiology, EFT and Integrative  Breathwork.

* Certified in Leadership As Service, 2004-2007 by Barbara Joye and  Acorn Invocations, a three year comprehensive framework of new  paradigm Leadership.
* Medicine Wheel Apprenticeship, 2003-2006, a three year program  with  Cherokee medicine teacher Grandmother Pathweaver, focusing  on    energy work, sacred rites, ceremony and shamanic traditions.

* Studied with Susan Lipshutz, LCSW, 2000-2006, integrating women's     circle work, cross-cultural spiritual practices and western psychology.

* Extensive experience and training in women's circles, beginning    2000, with the profound learning that comes from witnessing  individual truths, and sharing our hearts and connections in  community.

* Various trainings with the Shamanic Studies Foundation

* Certified Retreat Coach, 2012-13

* Soul Retrieval Training with Sandra Ingerman, October 2014

* Ordained Interfaith-Interspiritual Minister, available for weddings and other sacred  ceremonies. See Ceremonies page for details.


​"Over 3 years ago, I was at a major transition in my life. Battling an addiction, still grieving the loss of my mother, searching for more in my spiritual life. I have participated in several groups and found Chris, as a leader and guide, to have an open heart and wise perceptions. She has been instrumental in directing me on my spiritual path."

"Chris weaves a beautiful tapestry of shamanic knowledge, guided meditation, and ceremony with a heartfelt commitment to serving others and providing a sacred space for the healing of the feminine spirit."

"I loved the combination of rattle, drum, and reiki, and tuning forks... and that you seemed to know exactly what I needed... I feel so much better!!!! Like a weight has been lifted or released."

"Chris serves spirit and love: she serves the love in each of her clients and she serves the Universe with her gifts. She uses her training and extensive knowledge alongside her loving demeanor to assist you on your journey.”

"I recently started meeting with Chris monthly and am truly amazed at her kind and loving spirit. Whether we're discussing daily life issues, or I'm receiving a healing session, Chris intuitively uncovers what I most need. Working with Chris has enriched my life!"

Feedback from my February, 2015 workshop on How To Be the Change:
"Participating in Chris Moses program How To Be the Change was an amazing experience. In minutes, she turned a classroom setting into a sacred space and proceeded to set the stage for me to take a journey back to myself. Combining a journaling practice with meditation, she provided a unique way for me to address stressors that knock me off balance and allow me to reconnect with what matters. Through drumming, she also created an atmosphere for me to uncover a personal ritual for me to connect with my passion. A truly refreshing encounter."