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Winter Solstice Ceremony & Celebration
December 21, 7-9 pm
Gurnee Home
Cost: $20.
Space is very limited for this-register now!

Embrace the quiet and still time of winter. Join in community for an evening of reflection and renewal as we approach the darkest time of the year, and then celebrate the return of the Light. 


Ignite the Light in YOU - A mini-retreat to inspire and renew!
January 12, 10 am - 2 pm
My Gurnee home
Cost: $60. 
Space is limited-reserve your spot now!

Begin your new year with openness, expansion, and renewal. Embrace your LIGHT - the gifts, talents and strengths with which you came into the world. Reconnect to Spirit, Nature and Self. It will be an inspiring day to support all possibilities in a sacred connection of  community. There will be time for quiet reflection, and re-membering your Spirit through journaling, guided meditation, music and ceremony. 
Includes healthy snacks, and coffee/tea.

The Art of Altars & Intentions-A workshop to begin the New Year!
January 20, 2-4 pm
State of Mind Yoga, 34121 N. US Route 45. Ste 8, Grayslake
Cost: $30

Learn the art of creating a sacred altar in your home to manifest intentions! The new year brings the perfect opportunity to begin again, renewing your hopes and dreams. The creation of an altar is the outer manifestation of the inner desire, giving you a concrete space to work with in everyday life for meditation, contemplation, healing and receiving guidance. 
Chris will share teachings on various types of altars and how to create them. We will then build a sacred community altar for our group, and experience an activating ceremony to manifest our intentions for each other and the collective. Bring a journal and an object for the altar that is sacred to you or that symbolizes your intention for the year.


Home Blessings - January is the perfect time to clear your home from any unwanted energies and offer it blessings and new intentions. I am available for home blessings almost any time! The January special is just $100. and can take 1-2 hours. (regular price $150)

Medicine Wheel  Readings - Also a perfect time to receive a reading from me!

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol of life’s journey and a guide for self-discovery. Each stone in the Medicine Wheel represents all the different aspects of ourselves, and opens our hearts to all of the relations on common Mother Earth. This intuitive reading, using stones and crystals, will give you insights and a focused tool to use over the next couple months, offering a deeper understanding of major life lessons and current challenges. After feeling the energy of the stones and choosing them from the medicine wheel, Chris will explain and intuit their symbolic meaning. You will walk away with practical information to understand present situations, influence changes in your life and deepen your connections to earth and its gifts.It truly is an amazing amount of information! During January, the cost for a 45 minute reading is $50. (regular price $80.)