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Summer Solstice Ceremony
Saturday, June 16, 1-4 pm
$30 in advance
Sponsored through Infinity Foundation and held offsite at Heller Nature Center.
For more info and to register: Infinity

Join in community to celebrate the longest day of the year, the amazing gift of Light, and the joy of summer! 

At the time of summer solstice, the sun and earth align in such a way as to assist all growing things to come into their fullness to celebrate the abundant blessings of fertility and power from the earth. Connect with a sense of power, reflecting on what is going on around and inside of you. 

Wise and Wild Soul Retreat led by Chris Moses and Faith Curtis
September 20-23, 2018
Union Pier, Michigan
Limited to 15 women.
For more info or to register, email me for flyer!

Women's Circle Leadership Training
November 3, 9 am - 5 pm
Gurnee Home
Limited to 8 women
Cost: $150.00
includes training manual & Certificate of Completion
To register, email me!

I am offering Women’s Circle Facilitation Training because it’s time for the circles to expand and tip the scales. Like each ripple on a pond that waves and ebbs out to the edge, we can build and expand the circles to allow flow and transformation in an unending energetic pond of wise women. I have been very fortunate to have many female teachers, leaders, mentors, and spiritual advisors who have passed on their knowledge, spiritual practices, and teachings. I am deeply grateful for their expertise and guidance. With this educational background, and ten years of group facilitation experience, I want to share my knowledge and experiences.

Who can take this training? It is not necessary to have any experience or a particular background. The information and techniques can be used by coaches, ministers, therapists, healers, group leaders, community activists, board members, women who volunteer, women who want to increase their communication skills, women who find that people share easily with them… any woman who has an open heart.

This one day training will provide:
Forming the Circle – who, what, when, where, why
Opening and Closing Ideas
Rituals and Ceremony
Intention, Purpose and Outcomes
Guidelines and Challenges
Experiential Offerings and Exercises
Marketing Tools